You can purchase our products with ShareIt or FastSpring. This payment processors accepts credit cards (online or over the toll free phone/fax), check (by mail) and cash (by mail and bank/wire transfer). Paying for the software online with your credit card takes only a minute and is by far the fastest and most convenient way of registering our software. All information is protected from online theft with modern encryption mechanisms and remains confidential.

    By purchasing a software you will receive:

          Full functional software.
          Your personal or company Registration Key to unlock the software. See warning notice below.
          One year of free updates and technical support via email.

         Company Licenses: will receive priority support regarding questions, technical issues and bug fixes.


WARNING! Your personal or company registration key will digitally watermark every executable you protect with our products making it possible to trace by our staff if a key has been illegally distributed or shared with other developers. Invalid keys will be blocked from all new software versions.


  Themida x32
  Themida x32/x64

  WinLicense x32
  WinLicense x32/x64
  Code Virtualizer x32/x64


  WinLicense DLL Control

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