WL Orders Manager is a simple database application that helps software vendors managing their orders, customers, licenses, emails, etc. WL Orders Manager can work with an embedded database (for single user access in a local machine) or with a server database (for multi user access in a remote machine). It supports UNICODE. It's also freeware.


WL Orders Manager is designed for software vendors that sell their software via internet and they handle the creation of licenses, subscriptions, notification emails, etc.

WL Orders Manager can send bulk emails to your customers when, for example, you are releasing a new version of your software. It can also store expiration information for your orders/licenses, so you can contact customers about expired licenses, blocking them from receiving new updates, etc. It can also use an external license generator, so you can link each software that you sell to a specific license generator.

WL Orders Manager can also work with a remote database, so several members in your team can manage the database at the same time from different locations. You just need a host with MySQL database support.

WL Orders Manager can be linked to your payment processor (like Shareit, Plimus, etc.) so new orders can automatically be generated. You can use the shipped PHP code and Key Generator binaries (or its source code) to link WL Orders Manager with your payment processor/s.

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