XBundler is a special plug-in for Themida and WinLicense that allows Dynamic Link Libraries (Win32 DLLs and .NET DLLs) and data files to be embedded inside a protected application, simplifying the distribution of your application to your customers. This also has the benefit of keeping your DLLs and data files from being used by third-party software. XBundler compresses and encrypts all of the embedded files without affecting the ability of your application to function correctly, and it requires no additional coding on your part.

In a nutshell, this is how XBundler works: when your application wants to access your embedded DLLs and data files, XBundler will not write the embedded files to disk. Instead, XBundler uses a special mechanism that detects when an application is accessing embedded DLLs and data files, and then it decrypts only the required block of data.

XBundler works in conjunction with Themida and WinLicense, so you can rest assured that your main application and all embedded files will be totally protected by XBundler and these programs.


•   Convert all files into a single executable file: Especially with shareware, most programs are simply Zip files that can be downloaded and, when decompressed, show the full make-up of the software. With XBundler, all of your files will be in the form of a single executable; just run the program and it's installed.

•   Protect your DLLs from being reused by third party software: When you select not to write your files to disk, XBundler will keep your files totally encrypted and will access them directly from memory after decrypting only the necessary blocks of data. Given that your DLLs are not written to disk, third-party software manufacturers cannot reuse your DLLs for their own benefits.

•   Solve "DLL Hell" issues: XBundler will guarantee that your application is always using your embedded DLLs. This will avoid users and applications from modifying or deleting your DLLs, possibly stopping your application from working, as well as preventing conflicts between different versions of DLLs. You can also ensure that your DLL isn't overwritten by another company's DLL, causing your software to become useless.

•   Protect your DLLs against reverse engineering: Your files will be protected from any form of disassembly. XBundler encrypts your DLL and data files to prevent them from being extracted directly from your application, and removes any modification capabilities; anybody trying to even view your data files will be blocked. Themida/WinLicense will reside on top of XBundler, safeguarding the system against any cracking activity, protecting your embedded DLLs and your main application with the latest technology in software protection.

•   Compress your DLLs and data files: XBundler will compress all of your embedded DLLs and data files, reducing their size by 35-60%. Our extremely-fast decompression algorithm opens the files without decreasing your application's performance. The end result: your application takes up less drive space and gives your software the leg-up on the competition.

•   Protect your media files: If your application uses exclusive designs with graphics, music, video, etc., XBundler will embed all of these media files with your application to keep other people from directly viewing them or using them for their own software. This is probably best evidenced in games; your hard work went into creating the textures, models, images, and sounds that are used in your game. Without XBundler's protection, you can expect that your image and sound files will be used on personal web sites, and 3D models and textures will be used in other games. In other words, your copyrights will be violated, at will.


If your business is the creation or distribution of software, you need to protect the time and money you've invested in your product. You need to keep other companies from using your DLLs. You need to make sure that nobody can crack your files and reverse-engineer your software. You need to keep your intellectual property yours.

You need XBundler. Purchasing Themida and/or WinLicense with XBundler is one of the best and smartest decisions you can make to protect your products and profits.

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